Thailand – Chiang Mai



So Phoebe and I are in Chiang Mai. Phoebe’s been slightly sickly, as to be expected for a nerd seeing the sunlight for the first time. There was fantastic wildlife all around but she demanded to be seen next to a pigeon, an animal endemic to the country we live in. We bought a toy elephant, its a piece of tack, but its sat on my shoulder like a piece of bird shit.


Chiang Mai is a weird place; theres a mix of markets, temples and pork intestine soup. Everyone’s setting up for NYE currently and a van keeps blaring out a message in Thai every fifteen minutes so you could say the party is in full swing. We visited a few of the temples along the way – they are all quite unique in their own way; some of them have ponds, one of them had a series of flags set up with the Chinese New Years symbols on them. I think we’re having another relaxing day tomorrow before seeing elephants in a sanctuary on Monday.



Peace out everyone and a happy new years!

Love Alec and Phoebe!




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