Thailand – Chiang Mai new year and elephants

We’re still in Chiang Mai. We have debated spending the next four months here but have decided to move on to Myanmar on Thursday.


New years was spent watching people send lit pieces of paper up in the air. A personal highlight was watching a Japanese family set off a lantern which subsequently hit a lamp post, imploded, and the ignited wreckage hurtled towards a batch of bewildered Koreans – the mother religiously filmed the entire thing. (p.s. sorry for the black spots on my photo – my iPhone has decided that after three long years it has deserved the right to contract cataracts).



Anyhow, we went to a Jungle Elephant Sanctuary – there was no riding so we felt like little angels for the entire day. We learnt that elephants have no stomachs and have just a small intestine. Luckily I own a chocolate labrador and thus know this anatomy very well. On a more serious note, it was nice to see that a nation was taking more of a environmental stance on the animals which grace their land. The workers really cared there, and it was nice to see them treating the elephants with a respect much you would for your naughty little brothers. I can confirm the elephant below is not dead and is in fact having a wash.DSCN0086.jpg

I’m now going to take my pious environmentalist hat off, step down from my speakers platform and return to eating grilled cheese and ham toasties from a side street 7-11 store. I bid you adieu.


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