Thailand – Koh Tao

We swam to our accommodation in Ko Tao as no-one had told us that it was pretty much monsoon season here. This, giant holes in the pavement and the sound of crackling electricity cables had us feeling like we had the safety of a warm cuddle. After looking at the conditions on this island, Phoebe decided to entrust the dodgy looking people here with her life 18 metres below the murky depths. Whilst the crumpled student Phoebe came crawling in late at night to do her homework, I, on the other hand,  a fully certified diver/legend, sat in beach bars sipping pina coladas for three days. I lie – I had an unfortunate case of the squits so we were both miserable.

Island in the brief hour it wasn’t raining.
A long story short, Phoebe somehow passed her diving test (this one didn’t take her six attempts). We saw white eyed moray eels and giant barracuda – two species truly special to witness. Phoebe of course, true to form, found that a local, rabies-ridden, rather plump St Bernard was more deserving of her attention however and thus made me take a photo of her with the rather begrudging animal.
An expert in the water. Some call him a fish, others a man. 
A rather bedraggled looking creature on the beach and a St Bernard.
After spending three, long, joyful days of solitude away from Phoebe, unfortunately I had to grant her last wish on Ko Tao and go snorkelling. That morning, like being with an excited three year old at Christmas, I was yanked out of bed in to the monsoon to go and swim around some mouldy old wreck in choppy seas with her camera. As I predicted, the photos were about as clear as a Thai tuk tuk drivers intentions and as such, you can see fuck all.
Print of this are available from the wildlife photographer of the year 2017 event.

From Alec (OWD) + Phoebe (OWD)


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