Thailand – Krabi

Our first morning in Krabi was greeted by a slightly nervous Thai host knocking on the window calling my name. Adeelah had bought us a breakfast of onion-chicken bhaji hybrid and chicken satay. After enjoying this, we walked down into the Benidorm-like boulevard that is Ao Nang beach. After swotting away a few Thai masseuses, turning our noses up at some auspicious looking cocktail stands and watching a modern, arguing British family who could likely find a big mac on the third moon of Jupiter, we arrived at the monkey trail (some wooden planks tiptoed around the edge of a limestone cliff) – I assume the name comes from the nature of the workmen who constructed such a path as the gaps between slats were large enough to fit four Alecs.
Phoebe, three hours in, had still yet to touch the water with her paddle.
Looks romantic doesn’t it? These were two grizzly old ladies (We know – we spoke to them). This, ladies and gentlemen, is proof a camera can lie.
Apart from that, we went out for a meal with Phoebe’s visiting parents (Steven got ill), had a meal the next day (Phoebe got ill) and bought a load of knock off Pokemon toys. We also went kayaking around the mangrove forest one day where we saw the lesser spotted blurry kingfisher, the greater crested blurry monitor lizard and a family of brown blurry macaques (Phoebe was chief photographer this day). It was actually really good, I spent most of the time paddling like a greek god whilst Phoebe was lazing about in the front of the kayak but we had a private tour as no-one else turned up – presumably a result of Krabi’s obvious lack of culinary prowess.
Lizard Skyzard.
The third member of our travelling crew. This little knock off lego creature will travel for three months this year. #whataboutyou?

Anyhow – that’s about it. We’re off to Malaysia – I’m sure the bus won’t be that bad.


Alec & Phoebe


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