Malaysia – Langkawi

Sigh. I suppose after Taman Negara I had to expect a bit of a comedown. Unfortunately this was like the come down of a roller coaster without tracks. Welcome to Langkawi.

We arrived at 10am and paced around the tumbleweed stricken, drought ridden, duty free shop laden streets with our backpacks like a couple of dehydrated turtles. We went back to the guest house and sorted out flights for other places. Malaysia, a predominantly Muslim country, had so far prevented us from being the Alecoholic and Phoebe “Spewitt” Hewitt we are known as back home, so we decided we’d treat ourselves to a beer on this duty free island. That was it on day one. Oh, I also left my belt at security at the airport. I suppose that was a highlight.
Our only photo of Langkawi – This will be looked back on as someone would look back on surgery they received whilst young.
Day two was about as enlightening. We had a power cut for a few hours which sent our adrenaline sky high. This power outage was probably the highlight of day two. We also bought a litre of vodka for a tenner. We resisted the temptation to down it all that night.
We left Langkawi the next day; it felt good.
P.s. after the 5D cinema on Penang Hill, we found out that Langkawi had gone past this sort of technological advancement and reached the 6th dimension. I suppose a congratulations are in order.
P.s.s. I’ll be happier after Kuala Lumpur – sorry for the quality of the post.

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