Japan – Osaka

When a place advertises itself as home of the best Octopus Balls in the world, I tend to try and give it as wider berth as possible. Unfortunately, I like a good deer park and aquarium so my hands were tied with regard to staying in Osaka. The majority of life here is present in the Dotonburi district – a magical place with giant octopi sitting atop of buildings and small eel ponds at the bottom of arcades. I even relented to the vibrant, enthusiastic feel of the place and purchased the aforementioned octopus balls. They tasted like a doughnut with a tentacle inside; make of that what you will.

An octopus holding an octopus ball. The Japanese can be sick sometimes.
A “Nightlife”. Something which many of the places on our journeys have failed to invent as of yet. 
No trip to Osaka could be complete without a quick excursion to Nara (the literal translation being “deer”). Surprisingly enough, there were some deer here, and thus the town planner has scored one in my books. Actually, I’m downplaying it, there were thousands of the little vermin running around. Deer cracker sellers are at every street corner and the four legged demons have learnt to bow to get a cracker; if that fails however, they just sort of ram your thigh until you relinquish whatever food is in your hand. Nara park is undeniably beautiful though; three weddings were going on on just the day we visited (we’re in 2 out of the 3 wedding photos – You are welcome!). Temples and Toris (Giant pretentious gates) pop up between American-park-style forests and picnic areas which, when ignoring the giant rats running around, are really quite impressive. A large wooden temple (I can’t remember the name, nor do I care enough to research it) was particularly cool with large wooden samurai sculptures. Watching an American get stuck in a hole you’re meant to squeeze through for good luck brought me my favourite experience of the day by a mile.
The first in a series of photos where deer are intimidating the three of us into giving them food. They aren’t cute; this is harassment.
He’s chewing three of my fingers off. I was in hospital for weeks.
“That’s a nice ice cream you have there… Be a shame if someone where to knock it out of your hands…”
A public menace – “I spend my days eating crackers and butting ass… And I’m all out of crackers”. His words, not mine.
Deer free since ’93. Our only solace of the day.
As a personal treat to ourselves from ourselves, we went to Osaka aquarium. As per usual, in a day-care style manner, I left Phoebe with the otters and explored the rest of the aquarium. A giant tank with whale sharks, rays and other fish too large, not tasty enough or too cute to be served up on a bed of rice was set in the middle of the centre.  This was not the majestic creature which caught my eye that day however – no – that creature was the sunfish, a glorious creature which kept affectionately nuzzling the poor divers who were in the tank with it. I have remarked upon spirit animals in previous posts but I feel this, mostly due to it’s good looks, is mine.
Isn’t he glorious…
It laid on it’s back eating ice and then started doing roly-polys. What are these weird creatures and why do they deserve to be in the same place as the mighty sunfish.

Lots of love – Deer (The little shit stole my laptop and wrote the god damn post)


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